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D I Y + F A S H I O N + L I F E // W W W . F A S H I O N L U S H . C O M
thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate @typicalculture & my bday!! ‘Twas a serious success. Plus, that cake was beyond epic!! Now we sleep— byeeee. 🙌💫🎂🎈💤
it’s not a birthday w/o a legit food coma #bestbrunchintown #eyeswideshut 👀 (at Bertrand at Mister A’s Restaurant)
Tomorrow’s my bday, which means I can spend today in my jams as long as I want. K!? 👊👀 (at the factory 👽)
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↣ Can we all just take a hot minute to marvel in the beauty that is my new snowy turquoise @rablabs coasters? Perf for my coffee table vibes 🙌 #happyfriday www.liketk.it/7U0M  (at the factory 👽)
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➕➕➕ Dying over this epic black shag fur I scored at the @nordstrom anniversary sale. ➕➕➕ #nsale #cantwaitforFall www.liketk.it/6YOk (at the factory 👽)